Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences


African American Studies

The African American Studies minor consists of 18 credit hours, including AAS 200, HIST 473, ART 327, and MUS 343, and offers students the opportunity to acquire a greater understanding of the history and cultural development and social construction of black America.  Electives will be approved by the academic advisor in consultation with an African American Studies Committee member as needed.

Environmental Studies

A minor in Environmental Studies consists of ES 200 (Environment and Society), ES 250 (Principles of Sustainability), ES 475 (Environmental Studies in Action), and thee electives with environmental content, one of which must be a co-taught course. For more information, visit the environmental studies program page here.


The History minor consists of 18 hours in history courses numbered 200 and above, including HIST 211, 212, and at least one course in non-U.S. history.

Human Rights & Public Service

The Human Rights and Public Service minor helps students interested in service learning, to prepare for graduate studies or careers in the fields of human rights, political science, or international relations. It will also appeal to students interested in expanding their citizenship skills though civic action.  For additional information, contact Dr. Scott Turner (

The HRPS minor requires 18 hours, consisting of POS 200, 385, 475, and 495, and two courses chosen from the following:  ES 300; ES 310 or POS 303; HIST 423; PHIL 230, 320; POS 340, 360, 455; SOC 324, 411; SWK 203; UR 300/400.

Human Services

The Human Services minor introduces students to social welfare systems, human behavior and the social environment, and helping systems.  For additional information, contact Dr. Jason Newell (jnewell2@

The minor requires SWK 203, 322, and four electives chosen from the following:  PSYC 307, 321, 352; SOC 324, 401; SWK 260, 373, 380.  Students may not count a course toward both their major and this minor.

Peace and Justice Studies

Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) at University of Montevallo examines causes and consequences of economic disparity, institutionalized inequality, and strategies of peace building and conflict resolution. A minor in PJS consists of PJS 200 (Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies), PJS 370/470 (Special Topics in Peace and Justice Studies), and four electives with PJS content from our approved list. For more information, visit the Peace and Justice Studies program page.

Political Science

A Political Science minor consists of POS 200, 250, 455, and 475, and six additional elective hours in the subject.


The Pre-Law minor consists of 18 hours of required and elective interdisciplinary courses. The courses that qualify for the minor have been selected in order to introduce undergraduate students to subjects that are required in law school and that are tested on the Alabama Bar Examination, and to develop appropriate skills for subsequent legal education and research.  Most law schools emphasize the importance of a broad liberal-arts background and seldom prescribe an particular major for pre-law students.  For additional information, contact Dr. Carl Doerfler (

The minor requires SOC 342 (SOC 101, the standard pre-requisite for SOC 342, can be waived for Pre-Law Minors); POS 385; POS 475; and 9 credit hours of elective courses chosen from the following:  POS 200, 250, 380, 422; HIST 310; SOC 315, 317, 341; ES 350; PHIL 180; MC 455; COMS 330; BL 283, 384.

3 + 3 Program with Cumberland Law School

The University of Montevallo also maintains an agreement with Cumberland Law School at Samford University by which students may attend UM for 3 years and, after admission to Cumberland, transfer law-school coursework to complete the final year of undergraduate work.  This agreement allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in 6 years.  Contact Dr. Carl Doerfler ( for additional information on this 3 + 3 program.


A Psychology minor consists of PSYC 201 and 15 additional hours of psychology electives.


The Sociology minor consists of SOC 101 and 15 additional hours of sociology electives.