College Night

Choosing A Side

Are you a Purple or a Gold?

That’s a question you will be asked by Montevallo students and alumni.  Both sides have rich and complex traditions – how do you choose?  While College Night occurs in February, there are activities and mixers that take place throughout the Fall semester to help students make this important decision.

Which Side Are You?

Download the Gold Side Lyrics

The Gold Side mascot is a lion, and their colors are black and gold. When the Gold Side gets together, they stand united in a circle, holding hands with one break in the circle. The Gold Side leaders will explain that there is a break in the circle because “there is always room for one more Gold!”

Download the Purple Side Lyrics

The Purple Side mascot is a black and white spotted cow, and their colors are white and purple. When the Purple Side gets together, they stand united in a complete circle, holding hands. The Purple Side leaders will explain that their circle is unbroken because “a united circle is a united side!”