Student Employment Office

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All student employees who will have access to sensitive information must complete FERPA quiz. Information about FERPA regulations can be found on the FERPA page. When you’re ready to complete the quiz, click the button below.


Student Employee Orientation (on-line)

The University of Montevallo’s on-line Student Employee Orientation tutorial provides important information regarding student employees’ rights and responsibilities. You will be asked to read excerpts from UM’s Student Employee Handbook and will then answer questions to check your understanding. At the end of the session, you will be prompted to provide some basic personal information that will be used to notify Human Resources that you have successfully completed the tutorial.

Student employees will be paid for the time it takes them to complete the tutorial so include the time it takes you to complete the Student Employment Orientation tutorial on your bi-weekly timesheet.  You should be able to complete the on-line tutorial within an hour or less.

Student employees are only required to complete the Student Employee Orientation tutorial once, regardless of the length of their employment.

To proceed with on-line Orientation, please click the button below.

Student Employee Orientation

Identity Theft/Information Protection Training

Review the training provided in the Protecting Confidential and Sensitive Information document. Afterwards, complete the Identity Theft/Information Protection Training Quiz below.

Identity Theft/Information Protection Training Quiz