University Marketing & Communications

Digital Signage Guidelines

Digital signage is a resource for University of Montevallo (UM) colleges, departments and organizations to share information and promote programs sponsored by the University or University-affiliated organizations.


UM digital signage is managed by University Marketing & Communications (MarComm) in conjunction with Information Services & Technology (IS&T) and is displayed at the following campus locations:

  • Anna Irvin Dining Hall
  • Carmichael Library
  • Center for the Arts
  • Farmer Hall
  • Palmer Hall
  • Reynolds Hall
  • Strong Hall
  • McChesney Student Activity Center
  • Fallin Hall
  • Wills Hall

Individual colleges and departments can determine what their signs will display, with two exceptions:

  • Centrally distributed UMAlert messages that override unit-scheduled messages in emergency UMPD and/or University Marketing & Communications will determine when to deploy UMAlert overrides.
  • Institutional messages that units add to scheduled campus-wide message University Marketing & Communications, Student Life and IS&T reserve the right to remove unapproved or offensive content and any content that does not meet UM branding standards.

Colleges, departments and organizations utilizing digital signage should designate one primary administrator and one secondary administrator to manage content for their unit.

Content Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for UM digital signage:

  • DO use signage to promote University or University-sponsored programs, events or activities
  • DO use the University’s accessibility statement for messages that invite public participation in programs and events
  • DO include captioning on any videos published
  • DO follow UM Branding Standards when using the University’s official logo in message
  • DO NOT use signage to promote invitation-only programs, events or activities
  • DO NOT use signage to promote personal or political statements, commercial activities or advertisements from non-university organizations
  • DO NOT use copyrighted images or content without permission or license
  • DO NOT include profane language or references to the sale or consumption of alcohol or other drugs
  • DO NOT include content that promotes or condones behavior that violates University policies, or local, state or federal law

Digital slides are generally displayed for 10 to 12 seconds at a time. Therefore, the messages on these slides should be designed to be read and absorbed with this timeframe in mind. Try to limit word count to no more than 30 words per slide.

Keep fonts simple and legible. Never use more than two font styles in a single message and use italics sparingly, as they can be hard to read from a distance.

Images should be landscape-oriented with a minimum resolution of 1920 X 1080 and a 16.9 aspect ratio. Good contrast improves legibility.

Dark backgrounds should utilize light foreground colors.

Light backgrounds should utilize dark foreground colors.

The use of neon yellow backgrounds for digital signage content is reserved for emergency communications only. Digital signage content submitted with a neon yellow background will not be approved for display.

Submit requests for digital signage by entering a Solution Center ticket under University Marketing & Communications or along with your Vallo Voice submission at