Men of Resilience and Empowerment

This program is a partnership between the Falcon Success Center and M.A.D.E. at the University of Montevallo.

What is the M.O.R.E. Program? 

Dr. Gregory Samuels poses with a MADE student at the University of Montevallo.

The purpose of M.O.R.E. at the University of Montevallo is to assist male students of color, as well as those coming from underserved communities, in overcoming the unique barriers commonly faced throughout the college experience. M.O.R.E. provides peer mentorship facilitated by trained student peer educators seeking to guide students through their first-year experience. M.O.R.E. Mentees will participate in student-led and created workshops, trips, and events with the goal of fostering a culture of excellence and striving to combat the stigmas, labels, and marginalization often imposed upon disadvantaged students. M.O.R.E. empowers our students to confront these barriers through evidence-based techniques and skills that students can implement in and outside of the college environment.

What Do We Offer?Manuel Munoz speaks at a MADE event.

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Program Events and Competitions
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Fun Trips and Team-Building Activities
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Student Employment Opportunities


i) Students must be admitted to the University of Montevallo;MADE students at the University of Montevallo.

ii) Must be an incoming freshman student

iii) All male students are eligible to join the M.O.R.E. program. Students from an underrepresented minority (i.e. Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, and those of two or more races) are strongly encouraged to apply;

iv) Students must apply for Federal Financial Aid

v) Students must complete all application materials by the indicated deadline(s);

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*Applicant will need UM log in and password information to apply.