Diversity and Inclusion



The purpose of the MADE program is to assist minority students in overcoming the social, emotional, academic, and professional challenges that come with college. MADE provides a safe and supportive environment for minority students to grow, connect with relatable students, and build a community of students, faculty, and staff committed to their success. MADE is our way of investing in our students holistically and ensuring that our students overcome any barriers or adversity put in their way. More importantly, it is our way of making sure our students come to UM confident that they can be themselves, but leave confident in who they’ve become. Below are the different resources and opportunities our program has to offer.

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Early Orientation

The MADE early orientation is a special two-day event in which students are able to move into their residence hall early, connect to the many different resources our campus has to offer, engage in interactive activities, and have fun with fellow MADE students.

MADE Resources


We are intentional about investing in the future of our minority students and hope our scholarship will make an impact on them. Our MADE scholarship is just one of the benefits of becoming a MADE Scholar.

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Monthly Meetings

One of the determining factors of success is the ability to expose our minority students to successful professionals for which our students can see themselves in. That is why we intentionally bring in special guest to our monthly meetings to provide representation of alumni, donors, and other professionals who have forged a path for minorities in the professional world.


Each minority student is valued for the unique qualities, talents, and experiences they bring to our community, so we are committed to supporting students along their personal paths through coaching and advising as well as connecting students to the many resources our campus offers.


We want to create an environment for our MADE students to call home as well as find solace in as they navigate their campus experience. Our MADE building is designed for students to study, have meetings, have classes, mentoring, and to connect with their new UM friends.


MADE encompasses the culture we have built at UM which is family. Being that our minority population is continuing to grow at Montevallo, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to build community through, educational, professional, and fun events that will hopefully impact our students’ college experience.

Friendship Partners

The Friendship Partners program pairs UM international students and scholars with internationally-minded families and individuals from the Montevallo community. The program seeks to promote friendship and understanding between cultures. The Montevallo Friendship Partners Program is sponsored by the MADE Program at UM along with the help of several community organizations.

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MADE Mentoring

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Part of creating an environment conducive to growth and prosperity, is helping our students find mentors that they can relate to, and creating environments for our students to talk about true concerns and fears. That is why we have created our Marvelously MADE and MADE Men mentoring groups for young women and men, respectively. Our mission is for them to connect with each other authentically and find a balance in the path they are on.

4-Year Commitment

While programs of MADE’s kind usually are one-year programs, we are making a commitment to serve our students for 4-years in an effort to assist our students through the developmental process for their transition into the workforce. While college is a big transition, we recognize the overarching goal is for our students to find their purpose and take the next step academically or professionally.

MADE Ambassadors

We believe in creating opportunities for our students to take on leadership roles and highlighting the different skillsets they bring to UM. Our ambassadors will work alongside us in areas such as: social media, events, recruitment, mentoring, our All-Star draft, Hispanic relations, and promotional content, in an effort to further build the MADE program and help them gain credible experience.

Job Shadowing/Internships

While we recognize our responsibility to develop our students academically, professionally, socially, and emotionally, we also know the importance of connecting them to credible and beneficial opportunities that will help develop their network, and provide them with more experience. We are looking to work with our partners, alumni, and faculty/staff to ensure our students have the necessary job experience to be prepared to transition into the professional world.


Any students falling within the criteria below is eligible to join MADE.

i) Students must be admitted to the University of Montevallo;

Montevallo students studying together on outdoor patio.

ii) All students are eligible to join the MADE program. Students from an underrepresented minority (i.e. Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, and those of two or more races) are strongly encouraged to apply;

iii) Students must apply for Federal Financial Aid;

iv) Students must complete all application materials by the indicated deadline(s);

v) By invitation, you are also eligible to become a MADE Scholar (which includes a scholarship and mandatory meetings).