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Dr. Wilson Fallin Jr. Lecture Series

The Dr. Wilson Fallin, Jr. Lecture series was established by the University of Montevallo Board of Trustees in 2021 to honor Dr. Fallin’s lifelong efforts in the civil rights movement and social justice. Dr. Fallin is a professor emeritus in history from the University of Montevallo. The lecture series will highlight educational and socio-cultural topics related to African American heritage, social justice and racial justice. The lecture series will feature a nationally renowned expert in these subjects and will engage students on topics and inquiries on societal and educational issues. The inaugural Dr. Wilson Fallin, Jr. Lecture series, featuring Dr. Bernice A. King, was hosted on the campus of the University of Montevallo on October 7, 2021.

Dr. Wilson Fallin, Jr. and the invited speaker will be welcomed and honored in many different ways during the inaugural year of this lecture series. This lecture series is such an important event, the Alabama Legislature noted it within an official resolution (HR 152) passed in Spring 2021. Below is an excerpt from the resolution.

“WHEREAS, Dr. Fallin is a professor emeritus of history in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Montevallo who has, tirelessly served UM students, partnered with faculty and collaborated with staff for nearly three decades; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Fallin has been a consistent and fearless supporter of numerous efforts in the area of civil rights and social justice and beloved friend to all those who made his acquaintance, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself; and  

WHEREAS, He is a highly esteemed soldier in the fight for civil rights and social justice, as well as a scholar seeking to inform others of his work;”

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