On-Site Committee Virtual Visit

Will there be training for the OSC?

One week prior to the OSC, there will be a technical “trial-run” with all University participants. This will allow the meeting host to practice, allow us to work out technical problems, and allow for attendees to receive information and ask questions. Please plan to attend from the same location that you will be using during the On-Site Committee’s visit. Plan to log-in 10 minutes early and to follow these guidelines.

In addition, any attendee who would like to meet prior to or after the trial-run for more information, please use the contact information below.

Each attendee that needs to plan to meet for both the trial-run (3/29-4/1) and the OSC meeting (4/5-4/8) will receive Outlook invitations for both events. If you do not receive an invitation for a trial run, then you do not need to attend a trial run.

Meeting Schedule Trial-Run Schedule
Meeting Scheduled on Monday 4/5 Trial-Run at same meeting time on Monday 3/29
Meeting Scheduled on Tuesday 4/6 Trial-Run at same meeting time on Tuesday 3/30
Meeting Scheduled on Wednesday 4/7 Trial-Run at same meeting time on Wednesday 3/31
Meeting Scheduled on Thursday 4/8 Trial-Run at same meeting time on Thursday 4/1

Further questions about the trial run? Contact Dr. Kristen Gilbert