On-Site Committee Virtual Visit

How will I know if I have a meeting on the itinerary?

OSC Visit Brief Itinerary

The details of the itinerary are set at the direction of the Chair of UM’s On-Site Committee and thus, the itinerary is subject to change up to and during the committee’s visit. The itinerary may change based on what the OSC determines that they need to know more about, or that scheduled meetings are unnecessary, or that new meetings need to be scheduled.

University constituents will be sent invitations containing the Zoom link via Outlook as soon as possible. That will allow for updates to be made in real time and for additional information to be provided if the itinerary changes.

We know that everyone on campus has a busy schedule. Your time is very much appreciated! Your contribution to the success of the visit is also appreciated! Please be patient as the Committee will run late and/or early depending on the circumstances. We want the Committee to feel welcome and to leave with an understanding of our campus community.

Your UM Hospitality is appreciated!

Further questions about the OSC Itinerary? Contact Dr. Kristen Gilbert