On-Site Committee Virtual Visit

What guidelines should I follow during the visit?

University attendees are asked to log in to the Zoom link 10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time so that Carolyn Jones will have time to organize the breakout rooms.

Be sure to:

  • Join meetings from a location that allows you to focus.
  • Use the UM’s hardwired internet access, if possible.
  • Mind your background and lighting.
  • Use headphones with a microphone, if possible.

The On-Site Committee Chair requires the following from all attendees:

  1. Video on during Zoom – Mute Audio when not speaking;
  2. First and Last name on the screen; and
  3. No recordings of any kind.

Note that while the Zoom meeting link includes a phone number that may be used to join the meeting, this should be a last resort. Please use the phone number only if you have technical difficulties that make the phone number the only way that you may join the meeting.

Further questions about the visit guidelines? Contact Dr. Kristen Gilbert