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Information Services & Technology Project Intake Requirement

Some software may meet the criteria that will require a project intake form prior to submitting the software request form.


New software costing $15,000 or more, requires a Project Intake form to be submitted and may require more project related documentation.

Software Type

New Enterprise software that will be used campus wide, software that will need to pull information from any current UM systems (i.e. Banner or other) or software in any part or as a whole that will add or modify an existing UM webpage (i.e. code, plug-ins, etc.) requires a Project Intake form to be submitted and may require more project related documentation.

Technician Hours

Software implementations that will require more than 40 technician hours, requires a Project Intake Form to be submitted and will require collaboration with an Information Services & Technology project manager.

Project Definition

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.  A project differs from a service ticket in the following areas:

  • A project usually takes more than 40 person-hours of work and coordination among multiple departments.
  • A project is unique and has not been done in the past; it has a single combination of resources, cost, schedule and objectives. A service ticket however is not unique and can be replicated in its description and solution.
  • Service tickets tend to focus on current, immediate needs, while projects include future needs, significant enhancements or changes to a current system.
  • A project has a well defined scope, while service tickets have reduced and specific objectives.

Project Intake Process

  • Client completes the Project Intake form
  • Solution Center ticket is created
    • Copied to the TAC Projects and Planning Subcommittee chair
  • TAC Projects and Planning Subcommittee reviews and prioritizes requested project
    • Project is scheduled or not based on funding and priority
    • Decision and status is provided to the client
  • Ticket is assigned to a Project Manager once in the implementation queue

The IS&T Project Scoring Rubric will be used to score the project.  The rubric is provided so you can see what goes into the decision making process.  Two factors that will score the project higher are project funding and alignment with the strategic plan and university mission.

IS&T Project Scoring Rubric

To submit a request for a new project, please use the IS&T Project Intake Form below.

IS&T Project Intake Form


Current IS&T Projects

This information will be provided in the future.

Current IS&T Projects – On Hold


Pending IS&T Projects

Event, Calendar and Space Management System

  • Select and implement a campus wide web-based software for Event Scheduling, Calendar and Space Management.