Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Committee Charge

The charge of the IE Committee is to assist in the coordination of assessment activities; represent and coordinate with academic and support departments on assessment policies and procedures; monitor use of department, office, and institutional-level assessment results for programmatic improvements; review UM’s Guide to Planning and Assessment; provide periodic feedback to departments, offices and the institution on assessment activities and results.

Committee Member Term Term # Position
Jerome Dean 20-23 1 Chair, Director of IRPA
Betsy Richardson 22-25 1 CAS
Donna Bell 20-23 1 CEHD
Brian Motii 20-23 1 COB
Ray Ozley 22-25 2 CFA
Carey Heatherly 22-25 1 Library
Scott Varagona 22-25 2 Co-Chair of UCSC
Janna Sutherland 22-25 1 Counseling Services Staff
Tenika Kidd 22-25 1 Business Affairs Staff
Jenny Bell 22-25 1 Student Affairs Staff
Donna Ploessl 22-25 1 Deans’ Council
Clark Hultquist 21-24 1 Chair, Council of Department Chairs
Heather Tinsley NA NA Director of the Malone Center, ex officio
Amanda Fox NA NA SACSCOC Liasion, ex-officio
Kristen Gilbert NA NA SACSCOC Liasion, ex-officio
Randi Tubbs NA NA Director, Falcon Success Center, ex-officio
Courtney Bentley NA NA Provost and VPAA, ex-officio
Colton Rodano 22-23 NA Student, SGA rep