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Staff Evaluation Review and Appeal Process

The final evaluation is designed to be completed as an interactive process to include discussion between the employee and their supervisor. An employee has the right to make appropriate comments (good or bad) on the final evaluation form or attach a statement indicating disagreement with the supervisor’s assessment. Signing or acknowledging an evaluation form is not an indication that the employee agrees or disagrees with the final result. It serves as verification that the employee participated in the process.

The final form and attachments will be reviewed up the chain of command to the VP/head of the division; thus, at any juncture, an evaluation can be selected for reassessment. Furthermore, an employee can request reconsideration of specific disputed or unresolved issues; that request can be made to anyone in the employee’s chain of command, starting with their immediate supervisor. If the employee appeals to the VP/head of his/her division and is not satisfied by the outcome, the employee can appeal, in writing, to the Director of HR on or before April 10. The appeal should clearly state the disputed information and contain evidence to support the employee’s position. The Director of HR will conduct an impartial review of the facts submitted by the employee and follow up with an investigation. If the employee is still not satisfied with the results of the investigation, he/she can utilize the formal appeals process stated in UM policy. If, at any point, an evaluation is reassessed and adjustments are made, the employee will be notified; changes will be discussed and the employee will be asked to sign the revised evaluation.

It is important to reiterate that the evaluation process should be interactive and an employee should not feel apprehensive for requesting reconsideration of an evaluation item. The goal is for discrepancies to be appropriately addressed by personnel in an employee’s department or division. If not, the Director of HR will serve as an additional line of assistance for the employee.

Performance Evaluation and Salary Administration Timeline

Performance Period: Calendar Year (Jan.—Dec.)

  • February 1– March 31: Evaluations Conducted
  • April 10: Completed evaluations are due to HR
  • April 10—May 15: Appeal Review Process
  • May 15-June 15 HR review of finalized evaluations; score calculations to VPBA
  • July: Presentation to Budget & Finance Committee at Special Meeting
  • August: Recommendation for salary adjustments presented to full Board
  • August: HR issues employee salary notification changes as approved by Board.
  • September 1: Salary adjustments effective for non-granted-funded positions

Note: Excluding grant-funded positions, new-year earnings begin September 1 and are paid beginning with the next effective payroll deposit date.

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