Summer Meal Plans

2022 Summer Meal Plans

Summer 2022 Meal Plan Options

**Offered Summer I & II Only**

Residential Board Options (Per Term – Summer I and II)

Residential 15: 15 Meals/Week + 75 Flex Points $538.00
Residential 10: 10 Meals/Week + 80 Flex Points $501.00

Commuter Meal Plan Options (Per Term – Summer 1 and II)

50 Meals/Per Term + 35 Flex Points $437.00
25 Meals/Per Term + 25 Flex Points $252.00
15 Meals/Per Term + 10 Flex Points $154.00


  • To make board plan changes or cancellations, please speak or email Housing Office at 205-665-6235 or You may review the board plan changes or cancellation rates here.
  • If you reside in housing and have a board plan, you must first cancel your board plan with the Housing Office in order to opt-in to an optional commuter meal plan.
  • To enroll in commuter meal plan, please visit Office of Student Accounts and complete an Optional Commuter Meal plan form. (Charge will be billed to student account soon).