Tuition, Housing, and Food Rates

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 Rate Schedule

Graduate Tuition (per credit hour)

In-State Graduate $438.00
Out-of-State Graduate $1,047.00
Cyber Graduate $438.00
Cyber Doctorate $498.00
PCTF Program $400.00
TSEC Program $400.00

Required Graduate Fees (per credit hour)

Fees assessed to graduate students based on program.  **capped at 9 hours per semester**

Note: exclusion may apply to pctf program and tsec program students

English Program Fee $50.00
Speech Pathology Program Fee $90.00
MBA Program Fee $100.00
Counseling Program Fee $75.00
Education Program Fee $75.00

Masters and Doctoral Fees (per credit hour)

Dissertation Fee $25.00
CSD Masters Thesis Fee $15.00
ENGL Masters Thesis Fee $15.00
EXNS Masters Thesis Fee $15.00

The University reserves the right to modify rates (e.g. tuition, required fees, housing, meal plans, and other fees), as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees, without prior notice.