Office of Student Accounts

Important Information

General Billing

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, we cannot release student financial information to parents or guardians without written consent of the student, or unless the student is a dependent of the parent as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code. If consent is NOT given by the submission of the Privacy Act Release Form, adequate documentation of dependent status is required for the parent to gain access to the student’s financial information. A copy of the parents’ latest federal income tax form would be sufficient documentation of dependent status.

Students will be responsible for viewing their account online through Banner Self Service.

Payment deadline is the first day of class of each term by 5 p.m. The University accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). A hold will be placed on your student account if the balance is not paid by deadline day. This hold will prevent registration, diploma, and transcripts. This hold can be removed once the balance due out-of-pocket has been received.

Payment may also be made on the WEB by accessing the student’s account at Banner Self Services or through the e-payment parent portal.  The University accepts American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and ACH electronic check payments online. Note: If a check or credit card payment is insufficient, your account will assess a $35 returned item fee. 

All loans and grants must be credited to the student’s account by designated payment deadline day listed. You will be responsible to pay if there is a balance due after the loans are applied. Failure to pay the balance will result to a hold being applied to your student account and it could also could result in loss of the student’s schedule, deactivation of ID cards, and loss of meal plans and ability to gain access to assigned dorm rooms.

Payment Plan (Only available during Fall & Spring Semesters)

All UM students now have the option of enrolling in a payment plan for tuition/fees, housing and food.

The enrollment fee is $45 per semester due at the time of enrollment. A down payment is required upon enrolling in the payment plan and the remaining balance will be paid in subsequent equal payments on the 5th of every month in fall  and spring semester. Your credit/debit card or checking account information is stored on secure servers for future payments. On the scheduled payment dates, the amount will automatically be assessed to the credit/debit card or checking account provided. To enroll, please log into Banner Self Service, then click on Student, Student Account, and Set up Payment Plan. You will see an overview of your account statement for the current term.

Nelnet Enterprise (payment plan provider) will calculate the down payment due and you will also be able to see the amount of subsequent payments. Enter your credit/debit card information or checking account information. The $45 enrollment fee will be assessed immediately along with any required down payment. If a payment is rejected, will assess a $30 returned item fee. Information will be shared between UM and to update account balances. If the account balance changes, subsequent payments will automatically be recalculated to reflect even payments for the remaining balance due.  If you have questions related to, please contact them at 1-800-609-8056 or the UM Office of Student Accounts at 205-665-6065. As a reference you may visit


Two or more returned payments on a payment plan will result in termination of the payment plan.  Payment in full will be due immediately to the Office of Student Accounts.

Please note the payment plan has to be re-activated each semester through the e-cashier link. It is NOT an automatic enrollment from semester to semester.

PACT Students

Please make sure the Office of Student Accounts has a copy of your PACT authorization letter on file. PACT will only pay tuition, facilities fee, and the administrative services fee. The student is responsible for all other fees associated with enrollment or living on campus. If pre-registered, they must be paid, along with other charges not covered by PACT, by the payment deadline date.

Financial Aid

If you have any questions about financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation, or GI Dependent benefits please contact the Student Aid Office at (205) 665-6050

Students receiving federal financial aid who withdraw from the University

PRIOR to withdrawing, you are urged to contact the Student Aid Office.  Withdrawing may result in repayment of financial aid and a balance due on your student account.