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Important Deadlines

REMINDER – Payment Deadline is 5 p.m. on the first day of each term.

*See detail of payment deadlines here.*

Important Information from the Office of Student Accounts

Fall/Spring rates are available on the following link

Summer rates are available on the following link

Payment Deadline Reminder: Payment deadline is 5 p.m. the first day of classes for the term enrolled. All aid must be listed as authorized, tuition waivers applied, and any other payments posted prior to the deadlines.  Any account not satisfied by the payment deadline may be withdrawn for non-payment.  For your convenience, you may pay balances on-line, mail payment, or come by the Office of Student Accounts located on the 2nd floor of Palmer Hall.  If you are unable to physically access the Office of Student Accounts you may go to the Student Aid Office on the first floor and request assistance.  A staff member from the office will promptly assist you.  If you have questions or need further assistance in regards to your student account balance, please contact the Office of Student Accounts (205-665-6065) or email at

E-bills:  E-bills will be sent to your student UM email address monthly. This will be an e-bill notification. This notification informs you of all payments and charges on your student account for the term specified. You may have a total due balance, a credit balance, or a zero balance. If you have questions in regards to your bill, please contact our Office of Student Accounts.

Steps to pay or view Student Account: Log in to your Banner Self Service account, click student, select student account, and choose account detail for term, specify term to view. You may review your charges, pending aid/scholarships, payments here or you may select the pay now button or credit card link on page to make payment. Note: Using Pay Now or Credit Card link is to make a payment directly to student account, NOT to setup payment plan. Payment plan through Nelnet is not offered for summer terms (due to smaller sessions). You may begin paying for your summer enrollment during the spring term.


Target dates to enroll for the payment plan are listed in link below.  The down payment and $45 enrollment fee are due when setting up the payment plan.  Also, please remember to set up your out-of-pocket expenses only.  You may visit for more payment plan information. If you were previously on payment plan it does not rollover to the next term. You must re-enroll each semester. There is no payment plan offered for Summer terms.

Tuition Waivers:  Please note employee and dependent waiver requests are now required for each semester. We encourage all employees and dependents to turn in your tuition waivers to Human Resources as soon as you register for classes. The deadline for both employee and dependent tuition waivers being submitted to Human Resources a week before the first day of term.

Any waivers received after the payment deadline will be processed as soon as possible, but student accounts could be charged a late payment fee if the account is not satisfied.

Reminder:  All non-covered charges (dependent fees, tickets, parking decals, photo id’s, judicial fines, etc.) must be paid prior to the payment deadline along with the waiver being applied in order to prevent late payment fee.

Off-campus scholarships and governmental payments are applied as the payment or as eligibility information is received.  If you are a recipient of an outside scholarship or 3rd Party Contract (AL GI, Voc Vet, Voc, Rehab, PACT, Employee or Dependent Waivers, etc.) but do not see it applied to your account, please contact the Office of Student Accounts. Note: If you are an Alabama PACT recipient, and do not see your PACT benefits applied to your student account. Please submit your letter of eligibility from Alabama PACT to the Office of Student Accounts.

Holds:  Holds are placed on student accounts with a current or prior term balance and will restrict pre-registration, transcripts, and obtaining grades. Holds will be removed when students account is satisfied.  Remember that a hold on your account preventing timely registration could impact your ability to obtain the classes and class schedule you desire.

Direct Deposit:  We encourage students to sign up for Direct Deposit at the Office of Student Accounts.  You will need a voided check or a letter from your bank on bank letterhead with your name, account number, and routing number listed.  Once submitted, direct deposit stays active until you give notice to deactivate.  If you close or change your bank account, please go to the Office of Student Accounts to update this information or your refunds could be delayed.

Optional Commuter Meal Plans: These can be purchased at the Office of Student Accounts.  For informational purposes, the optional plans are listed as “Commuter Meal Plan Option on per term basis”. Optional commuter plans are for one term and expire at the end of the semester. For more information please visit

Want to charge books and supplies at Freddie’s Books and More? If a student’s aid is greater than their charges, there will be an estimated credit balance.  Students with an estimated summer credit balance will be eligible to purchase books and supplies at the campus bookstore. Please click here to see the dates to start charging books, last date of charging books, and last date for returns.

Note: You may also view Plan Ahead for additional information.

We appreciate your review of these important dates and encourage you to call us with any questions.

Office of Student Accounts – 205-665-6065

Student Aid Office (Financial Aid) – 205-665-6050

Human Resources – 205-665-6055

Housing Office – 205-665-6235