Technology Advisory Council

Global and Targeted Emails

A sub-committee of TAC was formed to create guidelines to reduce the number of emails sent to all faculty, staff, and/or students.  The sub-committee was comprised of faculty, staff and students.  The following Global and Targeted Email Guidelines were finalized after feedback from TAC, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, the SGA and departments across campus.  As of June 25, 2018, only those identified in the Guidelines may send emails to global and targeted email addresses.  Information for the UM family may be distributed through Vallo Voice by filling out the Vallo Voice submission form.  Please read the Guidelines for more information and contact TAC if you have questions.

Global and Targeted Email Guidelines(Doc)
Who to Contact to Send These Emails(PDF)
How to Make an ADA Compliant Word Document(PDF)
How to Make an ADA Compliant PowerPoint(PDF)
Creating Alternative Text for Pictures and Tables
Guidance on creating PDFs can be obtained via University Relations. If additional assistance is needed, please put in a ticket to the Solution Center.