Technology Advisory Council

Digital Communications Committee

The Digital Communications Subcommittee (DCC) of the Technology Advisory Council (TAC) work in conjunction with the divisions of Advancement and External Affairs, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, and Information Services and Technology to enforce, amend, or waive the policies and procedures related to the university’s digital communications. Committee membership shall include a representative from each college, the library, and each campus division with University marketing & communications, admissions, and physical plant represented separately. Responsibilities of this subcommittee include the following:

  • Review and recommend procedures and practices related to broadcast email, web content and digital signage
  • Evaluate concerns related to the accuracy, currency, and continuity of official University and affiliate web pages
  • Provide recommendations to TAC regarding infrastructure demands for quality assurance in digital communication
  • Advise other subcommittees on matters related to digital communication
  • Advocate with the University community to ensure all constituents have a voice in, and are aware of, ongoing development and use of digital communication