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Canvas Integration Applications

External apps (also commonly called external tools or LTI tools) are tools and utilities, usually from a third party, that integrate seamlessly with Canvas by virtue of their conformance with an open standard called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). LTI was developed by the IMS Global Consortium to standardize the way learning tools integrate with Learning Management Systems, which here at the University of Montevallo is Canvas. When apps are integrated into a course, they can be used as Module items, Assignments or within the text editor when editing a Page.

How does an instructor request a new integration with a UM Canvas course?

Canvas LTI integrations are requested by submitting the Canvas LTI Integration Request form. Requestors will need to provide vendor contact information, course information and vendor provided LTI documentation specific for your course and integration  (This may include integration documentation, technical specifics, shared secret and key).

All integrations require a vendor signed UM FERPA  Addendum. A FERPA Overview can be found on the Registrar webpage here, A blank FERPA Addendum may be found online here,

If the software (excluding textbooks) has not previously been approved, a software request form will need to be completed so that the required documentation can be approved.

Additional information for the Software Purchase and Download requirements can be found on the UM website here,

To request approval for a new Canvas LTI integrations, please submit the Canvas LTI Integration Request Form below.

Canvas LTI Integration Request Form

Canvas course shells are automatically populated seven (7) weeks prior to the start of a semester, with instructors having access six (6) week prior.  Integrations cannot be occur until the course shells have been created. To ensure that an app and required documentation is reviewed by the appropriate parties in a timely fashion, please submit your request by the dates below.

Fall Semester: July 1st
Spring Semester: November 1st
Summer Semester: March 1st

Submitting your Canvas integration request by or before the dates above does not guarantee approval. Once the Canvas LTI Integration Request Form has been submitted, it will move through the automated workflow and approval process. If approved the requested App will be added to the Canvas course per the information provided in the Canvas LTI Integration Request Form. A Solution Center ticket is created and the instructor is notified that the app has been added to the approved external apps list.  Instructors will then be able to add to any Canvas course