Procedures & Forms

Software Request

Please complete the Software Request Form if you wish to:

1. purchase new software
2. renew existing software, or
3. subscribe to cloud-based software or services.

Software Request Form

This includes software purchases or subscriptions ranging from an individual computer to campus-wide applications. This request and review process is necessary to ensure that all network security, information privacy, ADA compliance, and state of federal requirements and regulations are met. Please also be aware that campus-wide software purchase requests may be more involved and need to be addressed as a “project” instead of simply a software request (See Project Intake Form for further details).

Software integration graphic Software approval is a three-part process. Data and information security and ADA compliance are reviewed by IS&T. Next, Legal Affairs & Risk Management must review terms of use and information privacy policies. Finally, Business Affairs provides final approval of the procurement request. Protecting our University and University community from unnecessary risks requires diligence in reviewing software, which sometimes requires 4 to 6 weeks to complete. With this in mind, please submit your software requests, especially for software or services needed in the classroom, as early as possible.