Procedures & Forms

Project Request

Some software may meet the criteria that will require a project intake form prior to submitting the software request form.

Criteria for Project Status

  1. Costs $20,000 or more.
  2. Intended for enterprise or campus-wide use.
  3. Retrieves data from another system such as Banner.
  4. Requires integration or modification to a UM webpage.
  5. Implementation requires 40 or more hours.

Project Intake Process

  1. Requester completes project intake form.
  2. Solution Center ticket is created.
  3. Ticket is copied to TAC Projects & Planning Chair.
  4. TAC Projects & Planning Committee reviews and prioritizes project request.
  5. TAC decision and status is conveyed to requester.
  6. Ticket is assigned to an IS&T project manager, if project is approved.

While not required, a consultation with IS&T for project guidance is encouraged. Additionally, a project rubric will be used to assess and core each project request. Please review the rubric before completing the project intake form.