New Scholarship Opportunity

A new scholarship opportunity, exclusively for University of Montevallo Upward Bound participants, is now available. The Positive Image Outreach Dr. Earl Cunningham scholarship is $200 ($100 during the freshman year and $100 during the Sophomore year). Awards will be given to one senior UMUB participant from Bibb County, from Shelby County, and from Chilton County.[…]

Upward Bound Scholarship Opportunities

While government grants fund the Upward Bound program, federal money cannot be used for scholarships. Therefore, students participate in two fundraisers per year—with the proceeds from those events going into the Upward Bound Scholarship Fund Foundation. Additionally, private donations have funded the following scholarships exclusively for Upward Bound students:

Senior ACT Achievement Award—$100

This scholarship will be awarded at the May 5th Upward Bound Awards Reception to the senior
having the highest ACT composite.