Foreign Languages Resources

Spanish Resources

YouTube – Spanish Sessions
Access this site on You Tube to view LOTS of Spanish lessons. These videos are done with a teacher, and cover all aspects of Spanish.
Colby College – Spanish Language and Culture
A great site for Spanish grammar information and exercises as well as cultural information. – Free Spanish Tutorials
A lot of excellent general information, quizzes, and activities for Spanish.

French Resources

YouTube – orca99bang French Lessons
WOW! Get all the help you need with pronunciation, vocabulary, and key concepts. Use this site along with a tutor, or access specific lessons to review important areas.

General Resources

At this site, you can type in a subject area and find all the vocabulary flashcards you will need to make an A every time in EVERY language course! – Online Dictionaries
A fantastic online dictionary for French, Spanish, German, and other languages.
BBC – Languages
A fantastic website for information, blogs, and links related to French, German, and Spanish.