Biology and Chemistry Resources

Biology Resources

National Institutes of Health
A great site that gives information on learning styles/modalities in general and specific information for Biology.
Biology Online
These sites provide different ways of explaining and examining basic biological processes for introductory classes.
University of Arizona – The Biology Project
The Biology Project website that provides a wealth of information on biology topics.

Chemistry Resources

Kahn Academy
This is an AWESOME site used by many of the Chemistry teachers! Learn how to do your chemistry homework with the help of Khan Academy and watch your grades improve!
Perdue University Stoichiometry Review
This is a great resource to understand and view terms, equations, etc. associated with stoichiometry.
ChemCollective Tutorials
If you’re having difficulty in Chemistry, this is the place to visit! You can view tutorials to help you with basic chemistry, through AP Chemistry concepts.
Pink Monkey Chemistry Core Concepts
Detailed discussion of Chemistry core concepts.
Pink Monkey Chemistry Study Guide
Chemistry Study Guide
GCSE Chemistry Revision 2013
Interactive periodic table and other great basic information for non-science majors.
Chemistry at
This site provides an index of different mathematically based chemistry problems with examples for your reference. It also has links to other chemistry sites.
Sparknotes Chemistry
A helpful chemistry resource with summaries about reactions, stoichiometry, and ions.