General Tutoring and Study Resources

General Tutoring Resources

Ask Online
A great site to get to get help with homework, especially math and science!  ASK ONLINE will Upward Bound students and tutors can work TOGETHER to solve problems, prepare for a test, and make sure all concepts are clearly understood.  You will need a computer, online access, and the willingness to learn.  While ASK ONLINE won’t take the place of Super Saturday Sessions, Think Tank Tutoring, and tutoring at your school, it can help!  All public libraries in the state have online access.  See Mrs. Buff to schedule a tutor for specific needs before you log in. Under each subject area, the links below will also be listed on ASK ONLINE.
A great FREE site where you can make your own flashcards you can print and/or play games. You can also search AHSGE and you will see flashcards Mrs. Buff and Upward Bound tutors have made for you to use.  Or, if you prefer, you can make your own flashcards and become an expert in your classes!  (Quizlet is especially great for Spanish, French, Biology, and History).
Alabama Department of Education’s AHSGE Practice
A great site to get to get students practice skills for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.  See instructions for how to register and log in on AHSGE Review to start preparing NOW!
Khan Academy
Khan Academy has over 3,300 videos on everything in all areas of mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, finance, and history.  Using this site, you can practice skills you have learned but might have forgotten, or learn new skills and concepts at your own pace.

Study Skills Resources

How to Study
A fantastic resource for tips related to study skills and studying in general.  This information is beneficial for learning HOW to study!
Study Guides
Excellent information on how to study and other tutoring resources.
Time Management Quiz
An online time management quiz.  This can be helpful for you to see how well you manage your time.