Announcements for 11/1/11

UB Meets the Demands of the 21st Century:  Upward Bound has a Facebook page.  Please friend us to receive valuable information and program activity updates.  In the event of severe/inclement weather, please check the Facebook page for weekday session, Super Saturday session, cultural enrichment, community service, postsecondary trips, and tutoring cancellations.  Our Facebook page is ONLY to supplement the information you have already received in writing like the cultural enrichment and community service schedules, weekday session and Super Saturday dates and monthly calendar.

Upward Bound Scholarship Fund Fundraiser:  Annually Upward Bound has 2 fundraisers to raise funds for our scholarship fund, one during the academic year and one during the summer component.  At our next session on November 15 Christmas Tree tickets will be distributed.  Each student will be given 20 tickets to sell for this fundraiser.  Tickets are $1.00 each.  All students are expected to buy or sell the tickets or make a $20 monetary donation to the scholarship fund.  Only students who buy or sell tickets or make a monetary donation to the UB Foundation Fund will be eligible to receive an Upward Bound Book Scholarship during their senior year which will be awarded at the end of the year reception and Bridge Scholarship(for students accepted into the Bridge Program) which will be awarded at the end of the summer component banquet.  The Upward Bound Book Scholarships are accepted at any college or university not just the University of Montevallo.  The amount of the scholarship is determined by the amount of money raised from fundraisers.

The person who sells the most tickets will win a prize.  Last year it was a $150 Visa Gift card.  Also, the person who sells the winning ticket will receive a prize.  The drawing will be held during Assembly on December 13th.

College Visit: University of West Alabama, November 12. We will leave from UM at 11:00 am and return by 10:00 pm. Eat lunch before we leave. Bring money for snacks, souvenirs, and food at the game. Sign up tonight at assembly.

College Visit: Alabama A&M University, November 12. We will leave from UM at 7:00 am and return by 5:00 pm. Bring money for snacks, souvenirs, lunch, and food at the game. Seniors planning to attend AAMU: Admissions representatives will be on-hand to assist5 with applications and provide on-site acceptance. You must bring a copy of your ACT or SAT scores and your latest transcript to get an on-site acceptance decision. Sign up tonight at assembly.

Seniors: If you want to tour a particular college on a weekday and your parent can’t take you, contact Mr. Barnes. It will be your responsibility to arrange the tour, and your responsibility to make sure the absence is excused. Check with Mr. Barnes first for dates that he is available.

Students: Please pay close attention to the Cultural Enrichment and Community Service Announcements that are made during Assembly. You should also READ every piece of information that UB gives to you. Some of you are missing valuable information such as cancelations, timing and locations of events. When you don’t pay attention it affects other people!!!! Especially those of you who rely on others (like your family) for transportation. While I don’t mind answering your questions, you will find that some of the answers have already been given to you if you would only PAY ATTENTION.