TRiO United

On October 3, 2011, we showed this video to the parents attending the first parent meeting of the year. Please take a moment and watch this important appeal.

It is crucial that Upward Bound alumni, personnel, students, and families call their Senators ( and Representatives ( and protest this cut.

UMUB alumni, students, and families in Bibb, Chilton, and Shelby counties need to contact the following:

The Honorable Richard Shelby

The Honorable Jeff Sessions

The Honorable Spenser Bachus

You may phone their offices, but please write a letter or an email as this will have more impact.

When writing your senator or representative, it is proper to use “The Honorable” with his name (as written above) for the address on the envelope and the inside address. Use “Dear Senator” and his name for senators (eg. Dear Senator Shelby, Dear Senator Sessions), and “Dear Mr.” for Representatives (eg. Dear Mister Bachus). Make sure you highlight what these programs mean to you personally and what the programs mean to your region.  It is imperative that the letter show passion and disappointment with the possibility of losing more than 12,000 students in the upcoming competition.

The links below are to sample letters that you can use as guides to getting started on writing your letter. Please personalize them to your own style.

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