Ask Online is Live!

We’re ready to help you…and all you have to do is click!

Since we are just setting up the ASK ONLINE portal, we will open tutoring from

3:30 p.m.—10:00 p.m.  Monday—Thursday

You will need to call/text Mrs. Buff at (205) 516-5007 to make sure a tutor is available.  After Christmas, we will have more formal hours, but between now and the end of the semester, we’ll do our best to help you along the way!

Here’s how it will work:   Go to

You will see the ASK ONLINE logo and the directions listed below:


  • The Username is firstname.lastname (e.g. john.smith).
  • The password is ubound1 for everyone, and each student will need to change it to a unique password when they log in the first time.

If you forget your password, an administrator can go to their user account and reset it.   I encourage you to record your user name and password so you can access it if you forget it.  Otherwise, you may be delayed in getting the help you need!

ASK ONLINE is a tutoring service provided by the University of Montevallo Upward Bound.  It is designed to assist Upward Bound students with homework and subject-related skills without having to travel to the UM campus.  For further questions, or to set up an extended tutoring time, contact Mrs. Mary Jo Buff, University of Montevallo Upward Bound Tutor Coordinator, at   Office (205) 665-6289; Cell (205) 516-5007

You may download a copy of these instructions:

  • [download id=”45″]
  • [download id=”46″]